Milan Herak

ERP-IFS Application Analyst

Milan started his professional career as a financial accountant. Driven by his interest in IT he was looking for an opportunity that would combine the world of finance with IT. Hence, he decided to join IFS, a company that delivers award-winning solutions and a world-renowned ERP system. Starting as a financial consultant, he implemented and supported local and international customers. His responsibilities also included localization to the Slovak market, comprising mainly of designing and developing new functionalities as well as translations. After several years of experience, he moved to project management, overseeing both, client and internal projects. Milan finished his career at IFS as Realization director, managing the Slovakia IFS team and external resources responsible for the implementation and development of IFS Applications. Following his 15+ year career at IFS Milan decided to start his own global business providing consulting services in the area of finance. Milan holds a master’s degree from the University of Economics in Bratislava, with a focus on financial management.