Mustafa Erhan Oztemur

Cell Development Engineer Cylindrical

Mustafa studied metallurgical and materials engineering at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. Towards the end of his undergraduate education, he took courses on energy storage and electrochemistry and started to improve himself in this field. In the last year of his undergraduate education, he worked as a candidate engineer in the R&D laboratory of the Aspilsan energy company. Before joining InoBat Auto, Mustafa was involved in almost all phases (coin cell and cylindrical cell production, preparation of technical specifications for materials, some of the material tests, and cell design) of cell design and production at Aspilsan energy company. Mustafa gained hands-on experience in all phases of the laboratory. In addition to these, he learned Python language since he is interested in software. In his master’s studies, Mustafa focused on the production of alternative active materials for battery-type (pseudo) supercapacitors.