Oto Pison

Senior Program Manager

Oto’s role as a project manager in the board of directors’ advisory team is related to strategic management, public funding, industry 4.0 and establishing relations with main stakeholders on a national and local level, including key academic institutions.

Oto is bringing to the team 6+ years of experience from the Slovak governmental investment promotion agency, which he joined as a consultant and later co-managed one of its departments. Working on attracting multiple multi-million investment projects has led him to an exceptional overview of the CE business environment and what is required for major companies to successfully establish a facility. Among others, Oto is a seasoned public speaker and has valuable insights into the competencies & capacities of Slovak Industry 4.0 solution providers. He has two Master’s degrees, from the University of Economics in Bratislava and from the Central European University in Budapest, both in the field of international economic relations.