Vladislav Gorshkov

Advanced Cell Technology Manager

In 2010, Vladislav got into postgraduate, and in parallel with his studies, he worked as an engineer in an R&D laboratory and was engaged in the development of the production technology of double-layer electrochemical capacitors (EDLC). After obtaining his degree in Physical Chemistry, he held the position of Process Engineer & Senior Research Fellow at a private research company. There Vladislav worked under the creation of the li-ion supercapacitors. Prior to InoBat, he organized, launched and managed the metal-ion battery prototyping laboratory in Skoltech (Moscow). Vladislav led and took part in the development and production of li-ion pouch cells with a capacity up to 14 A*h (up to 230 Wh/kg) and up to 1 A*h sodium-ion pouch cells (up to 110 Wh/kg). During his career in the field of electrochemical energy storage, he has worked with various modern electrode materials. He has wide experience in the development and implementation of electrode manufacturing technologies and prototypes, electrochemical studies of materials in battery prototypes, selection, adjustment and work on equipment for battery prototyping.