Technology first

While InoBat Auto is an electric battery production company with numerous supply contracts in place and a robust, long term business plan to facilitate the supply of batteries, we are, first and foremost, a technology company.

Research and development sits at the heart of everything we do at our facility in Voderady. Delivering sustainable mobility requires constant improvement to every element of a battery – from underlying chemistry to packaging.

Early-stage R&D of breakthrough next-generation lithium-ion battery cell chemistry and materials is key to reducing cost and accelerating speed-to-market. And as the energy storage ecosystem develops, cutting edge R&D and focussed pilot production will play an ever more critical role in delivering new and promising materials for future battery chemistries.


Three laboratories, each equipped with the latest technology, give InoBat Auto’s scientists an industry-unique advantage to rapidly develop full commercial size battery prototypes, essential for capturing real-world data and eliminating risks associated with the transition from prototype to commercial scale.