Premiere European Automotive Supplier Matador Invests In InoBat and Becomes a Strategic Partner for the Development of InoBat Auto, EUR100m Auto Battery R&D and Production Line

BRATISLAVA (16/9/2019) – Matador today announced the investment in InoBat, that will help the
R&D and battery production company revolutionise electro-mobility and energy storage in Europe,
by building a unique combination of R&D centre and a production line in aforementioned sectors.
Simultaneously, the companies entered into a strategic alliance for the construction of a 100MWh
battery production line, InoBat Auto, that is expected to begin in the first half of 2020, providing
the EU with proprietary battery solution for electric vehicles by the end of 2021.
Matador is expected to play crucial role in the development phase of the InoBat Auto 100MWh
demonstration production line, that will serve the CEE-based automotive manufacturers. Having
strong and experienced engineering and project management teams that have been designing
state-of-art fully automated production lines for major automotive industry players, Matador will
assist InoBat Auto during the construction period, with a view to play even stronger strategic role
during the planned upscale to a 10 GWh battery mass production facility.
“Matador’s decades of experience in the automotive industry will provide InoBat Auto with proprietary
access to development know-how for our planned production line as well as with the access to leading auto
producers. Together with Matador and Wildcat, our US-based technological partner, InoBat Auto will not
only provide the much-needed battery independence for the European market but will contribute to
transformation of Slovak economy from manufacturing to knowledge-based,” stated Marian Bocek,
InoBat’s Co-Founder and Executive Chairman.
“Matador Group is one of the premiere regional providers of innovative solutions for the
automotive sector. The Group has been strongly focused on design and development of auto parts,
advanced technologies for automotive industry, and on the provision of complex solutions in the
Industry 4.0,” added Martin Kele, Director General at Matador Group.
InoBat Auto project was first introduced in July this year as a joint effort of InoBat and Wildcat
Discovery Technologies. This cooperation envisages a unique combination of R&D centre, with
regional exclusivity provisions to InoBat, and a production line that allows for continuous
development of proprietary batteries in close cooperation with electric vehicle manufacturers. This
vertically integrated supply chain from R&D to production mitigates many risks derived from
processes, such as product flow or vendor compliance, among others. Wildcat’s proprietary
technology is equipped with the ability to rapidly develop and evaluate new materials and
technologies. InoBat Auto, and the entire region, will remain on the cutting edge of new battery
technology, eliminating the risk of obsolescence, and ensuring technical relevance and job creation
for decades to come.
InoBat, the CEE’s R&D and battery production company, founded as a by-product of the region’s
strong manufacturing and industrial heritage, connects leading regional industrial groups with
international partners looking to expand their global reach to the European continent. For more
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Matador Group
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