Slovakia has the potential to become a key player in e-mobility

InoBat Auto is a meeting place of Slovak and foreign experts

Looking back, the history of transport is full of interesting milestones. While the 19th century was characterised by steam power, the 20th century shifted its focus to fossil fuels. Currently, it’s clear that the 21st century will also become an important turning point. 

How would I name this period? I think the 21st century could be named the century of alternative fuels, particularly electric ones. However, this history remains to be written, and it won’t write itself. Research, development, innovation and production all hinge on the work of skilled and determined people, those who are not afraid to pursue their dreams. Where does their road to success start? And where can it lead, if they manage to walk its winded path and overcome its difficulties? InoBat Auto could very well be the finishing line.

Since November is the month of science and technology, I’d like to explain and describe not only what makes this professional path worthwhile, but also why it’s a great choice to stay and work in Slovakia, and what kind of experts have decided to profile themselves directly at  InoBat Auto. There are several big points to mention, but I’d like to expand on them one by one.


Slovakia has a strong long-term position within the field of transport, science, research, production, technology and logistics. It’s one of the leading players in car manufacturing, there’s a wide network of subcontractors spread across the country, its automotive industry represents a significant portion of the country’s GDP, and it contributes to the employment rate and export performance. This is where a new era can begin, led partly by InoBat Auto. An era that foregrounds the principles of research and innovation, for the intelligent specialisation of Slovakia in the field of electrified transport. If we want to build this new era as best we can, and hold onto our status within the automotive market, we must actively monitor progressive trends in electromobility, and develop science and research in this area. Here, it’s important to remember the most significant instrument of change — human capital.


Let me look back at our history, one more time. Almost everyone knows the names of famous Slovak inventors, such as Štefan Banič or Jozef Murgaš. Fewer people, however, are familiar with Štefan Anián Jedlík. This benedictine priest and physics professor stood at the birth of electromobility in Slovakia — and in the world. As early as in 1827-1829, he was the first person in the world to construct a prototype of an electric motor, and, a few years later, was the first person who used a similar motor to power a railway cart. Why am I bringing up Jedlík? It’s highly likely that InoBat Auto will also go down in history, where electromobility is concerned. In our R&D centre in Voderady, we’ll conduct the research, development and manufacturing of battery cell prototypes — ones that will be the first of their kind, produced to meet the exact demands and specifications of particular manufacturers . Why, then, is it worthwhile to follow a professional path that leads to InoBat Auto? Because it can help you achieve your own dreams, working alongside the biggest e-mobility experts. Here, you can become part of the story that spells out our future —  one that’s just starting to get written, at this very moment. An opportunity like this should not be missed.


I’d now like to follow up on the aforementioned experts. Despite the fact that Slovakia has huge potential, our society still believes in old ideas of what is or isn’t possible. Many people still think that the country is not able to adequately support the ambitions of its young talents, or to meaningfully connect science with industry. But thanks to InoBat Auto, the opposite is true. This company is an example of how academic and industrial worlds can be connected, seeing as we’re already transforming advanced chemistry into real battery cells, the only ones of their kind. Our research and development is a collaboration between the academic community and leading scientists and experts. We’re trying to build a place where the biggest brains from Slovakia can come together with those from the rest of the world. These people are investing their time, knowledge, and experience into developing InoBat Auto’s vision. They recognise the competitive advantages and high potential of the company itself, but also the potential of Slovakia as a country. And, what matters most, they’re determined to pass on their knowledge to local experts and young talents, in whom they also see a lot of potential. You, too, can become one of these people.


I’m certain there are many among us who can look at the world with a visionary outlook — those who have a positive attitude, are active, creative, not afraid of challenges, and have a passion that they want to develop. Our doors are open, come work with us! The experts in our cohorts have the best qualifications to help you achieve your dreams, and they’re happy to give you a helping hand, to turn your innovative ideas into reality. Electromobility is, after all, an area that must be supported by continuous scientific research — and the domestic and foreign experts in InoBat Auto are working on this as we speak. Thanks to our company, there are already many internationally-recognised scientists and experts working in Slovakia, which can create the perfect match between their experience and the potential of new talents, while ensuring a mutual exchange of knowledge and an opportunity to build “in-house” professional expertise.


Studying at university can often be ineffective — hundreds of students reading the same books, memorising rote facts for their exams. Only a few of these students try to change the world for the better in the area they’ve decided to study. At InoBat Auto, we’re trying to reach out not only to seasoned experts, but also to these passionate young students, who can help us write a story of Slovakia’s scientific and technological renaissance. And this is exactly the reason why we’ve set out to work closely with universities, to actively involve young people in the research and development dialogue, and to help them apply themselves in industries and businesses that can change our world for the better.

In conclusion, Slovakia is a wonderful country that’s become my second home. I admire its potential, the skills of the local people, but also its breathtaking nature. We should let ourselves dream about, and work together on building a better Slovakia — or even a better world. At InoBat Auto, we’re working to create unique opportunities that will stop our greatest talents from leaving the country, and lead others back home, without regrets. Moreover, we want to make sure that those who’ve perhaps not heard of Slovakia at all can also become interested in our country, and find that it’s a place filled with opportunities unlike anywhere else in the world. Every big change has to start somewhere and the first step is often the most crucial. Take your first step with InoBat Auto, and help us write a whole new, better, more sustainable era. 


Chief Human Resources Officer, InoBat Auto