Marian Bocek

Co-Founder & CEO

Marian Bocek is the co-founder and CEO of InoBat, a European battery company based in Slovakia that specializes in the development and manufacture of high-performance, customized battery cells. After a successful career in banking and investment abroad, Marian returned to Slovakia with the dream of transforming his homeland into a leader in innovation and sustainable development. This vision led to the founding of InoBat in 2019. In less than five years, the company has become Europe’s fastest-growing startup, delivering unique R&D solutions, producing Slovakia’s first-ever customized batteries, gaining support from prominent strategic partners, and promoting the Cradle to Cradle approach beyond Slovakia. Additionally, InoBat is establishing Slovakia’s first battery gigafactory in partnership with technology and innovation leader Gotion High-Tech.

Before founding InoBat, Marian co-founded IPM Group, an asset and wealth management firm specializing in ‘Infratech,’ a sector at the intersection of infrastructure and technology. Under his leadership, IPM Group rapidly grew to manage assets worth over $1 billion. Prior to this, Marian made significant contributions at InfraMed Infrastructure and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank, working on groundbreaking infrastructure projects. His career began with the Global M&A/Investment Banking team at Lehman Brothers in New York, now part of Barclays Capital. Marian holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Oberlin College and an MSc in finance from the University of Cambridge, where he frequently returns as a lecturer and event panelist.