Maros Halama

Advisory Board - Universities

Maros advises InoBat on the research, development and testing of advanced materials used not only in li-ion batteries and other energy systems, on the application of nanotechnologies for the achievement of better parameters of batteries, application of artificial neural networks in prediction of a lifetime of materials and safety issues.

Maros is a Vice-Dean for Research, Innovations and International Relations at Technical University of Košice (TUKE), Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling, head of the Corrosion Testing Laboratory and broker at the Promatech National Center for Advanced Materials and Technologies at the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Vice-president at Slovak Association for Surface Treatment. His portfolio covers R&D projects in the field of corrosion, industrial inquires and failure analysis within the sectors from energy, oil & gas, coating industry (eustream a.s., SPP-distribution, ENEL, SES Tlmače, Bukóza holding a.s., Matador automotive, Kerex a.s., U.S Steel, VÚZ PI, etc.). In 2017 he was awarded the prestigious International Association for Advanced Materials Scientist Medal 2016 by the president of IAAM prof. Hisatoshi Kobayashi. Since 2017 he acts as a member of the Steel Advisory Group at Research Fund Coal and Steel (RFCS), European Commission and since 2019 as a CnGE representative of the Slovak Republic in the Captech Group at European Defense Agency. He obtained MSc in Chemistry at UPJS Kosice and PhD at TUKE in Material Science.