Martina Petranikova

Advisory Board - Universities

Martina advises InoBat on the development of a state of the art battery recycling facility. Her expertise in the field makes her valuable in assessing the available technology and helping InoBat to develop unique and world-class battery recycling technology.

Martina is an associate professor at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, with twelve years of experience in waste management of spent batteries of all chemistries including directive, collection systems, discharging and dismantling and material recycling. Main activities are related to the development of chemical processes for the recovery and reuse of valuable metals. Extensive experience in the optimization and scaling up of the developed processes for material recycling of the batteries. She is a project leader for 10 projects mostly related to battery recycling and involved in more than 10 other projects, an author of 34 peer-reviewed articles (IF 12 – Scopus) and a book chapter on batteries recycling. Martina is also an organiser of international conferences related to battery topics (e.g. Circular Economy of Batteries Production and Recycling, 2018, Gothenburg – 170 participants) and leader of the recycling initiative within the BASE association (Batteries-Sweden)